Background - Why i do this??

Growing up in the far north of Scotland I was rarely surrounded by anything less than at least one dog. I had dogs, cats, horses and cows to look after. I always wished that I could have turned that part of my life into a career, however like most younger people going through the 'what to do with their life' stage(GCSE onwards) I ended up going through University and doing an International Business Studies degree which led me to a corporate life for the best part of the last 8 years.

Name: Kate O'Brien

Dogs: 1 x German Shorthaired Pointer called Reli

Interests: Running (I run a LOT), climbing mountains, bagging Munro's in particular (the highest mountain ranges in Scotland), horse riding (I go to an amazing place in Sickilinghall)...generally anything to do with being outside in the fresh air floats my boat!

Future: To steadily grow my own knowledge base, increase my qualifications in animal care and to set up my own boarding kennels (in the not so distant future!!)

F.Y.I: I am fully insured...LOTS of public liability and am CRB Checked (completely clean bill of trust and responsibility levels!)

Over the past couple of years I have realised that that type of career was not really for me and started thinking about what I could actually do. I have my own dog, who is a very lively German Shorthaired Pointer, he requires a LOT of exercise both morning and night. This started to become difficult given the amount of hours that I worked but yet I continued to work away with little reward and a reasonably unhappy dog on my hands as I was rarely at home. This clearly wasn't fair, so I thought about what would benefit him. I now realise that I have made the best decision as Reli is far more settled and visibly much happier about the change in lifestyle as a result!

This is the type of service that I believe can help many dogs and their owners in achieving a less complicated and much happier living environment. I will only ever walk 3 dogs at a time, will only walk dogs together if they are safe to do so and will only take them to surroundings that are adventurous and interesting (our own personal favourite at the moment is Adel Woods, Reli LOVES the streams and chasing the squirrels!!). I will also ensure that dogs are walked off the lead with only prior agreement with yourself...and any further special requirements can be discussed and encorporated into your four legged friends routine! We're pretty flexible here, and always prefer to do what's best for you and your dog rather than what we specifically want to get out of that hour.

So just give us a call, catch up for a chat and arrange a visit...we look forward to hearing from you!!

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